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The Core of Your Core

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Everyone in the fitness world is talking about the importance of a healthy core. Your core is the center of gravity of your body. It consists of numerous muscles, organs, ligaments, nerves, and of course, your spine, and pelvis. Too often a fitness professional will reference the core or abdominal area and only focus on the muscles. If you want to be healthy and have a strong core, that’s simply not enough.

Not Just Muscles

The muscles are only one component of your core and they are not the most important. Muscles are attached to bones and they are controlled by nerves so they depend on spinal alignment and proper nerve supply to have a chance at being strong and healthy. When the spine is not aligned properly it can place unnecessary stress on the muscles, which can lead to injuries and limit performance. When a muscle does not have the proper nerve supply it will begin to weaken, while other areas of the body controlled by those nerves will also be adversely affected.

Research Shows

Research in Spine Journal reported that “nerve root compression can exist without pain.” The Journal of Manipulative and Psychological Therapeutics reported in a study by B.I. Rydevik that five to ten millimeters of pressure can interfere with the nutrition of the nerve, starving it of necessary nutrients. Researcher Seth Sharpless at the University of Colorado found that on spinal nerve roots, where the nerves exit the spine, it only took eight to ten millimeters of pressure, about the weight of a dime, to reduce nerve transmission. Another study by T. Videman, M.D., from the Institute of Occupational Health in Helsinki, Finland, found that “after two weeks of immobilization, the first signs of scar tissue appear.”

Lifestyle Care

Underestimating the importance of good alignment, a healthy spine, and nervous system as it relates to the core is a mistake. Too many people only take care of their spine when it hurts. They ignore their spinal alignment until they have pain. This is not a good choice. Chiropractic Lifestyle Care can help keep your core strong. And, Chiropractic Lifestyle Care is not symptom-based. In fact, many athletes at both the professional and amateur level participate in Lifestyle Care. By doing so they can get the most out of their workouts and reach peak performance levels.

Don’t wait for a crisis to make your core as strong and healthy as possible. Get to the core of your core and call our office for an appointment today.

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