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Escalante Chiropractic and Sports Therapy



Jan L.
Satisfied Patient
I always feel better!
“I first came to Escalante Chiropractic because I was having problems with my sciatic nerve. I was also having pain in my lower back and in my neck and sometimes my shoulder. I have been suffering since my early 30’s I am now in my 60’s. My results with Escalante Chiropractic have been great. When I come I always feel better. Dr. Morales is very knowledgeable about the body; she will never pressure you to do more than you are willing to do.”
Susan E.
Satisfied Patient
My results with Escalante have been excellent!
“I first came to Escalante Chiropractic because I was having numbness in my left arm, jaw problems and headaches. I had been suffering with these problems for 7 months. When I went to see other doctors, they gave me pain pills and physical therapy but it wasn’t helping. Finally my doctor suggested that I go see Dr. Morales. My results with Escalante Chiropractic have been excellent. I would recommend Dr. Morales to everyone. I speak highly about her and about her staff.”
Feliciano C
Satisfied Patient
I have my life back!
“I had a really intense pain in my lower back, left leg and foot which did not allow me to walk at all. I found in Escalante Chiropractic not only a warm environment with the personnel, but also kind and professional service. I had never experienced chiropractic care until now and I concluded that there was no natural treatments to my problem. Now after two and a half months of being treated by Dr. Morales, the pain is gone. I can walk, sit and sleep well without taking any medication. I have my life back and I would definitely recommend Doctor Morales, as the chiropractor to see for any back related pain or other health conditions. She is a down-to-earth doctor who would do anything to help whoever needs her help.”
Consuelo G.
Satisfied Patient
I always feel like I am with family.
“My reason for coming to Escalante Chiropractic was because I was having hideous headaches due to the misalignment in my upper neck. Here at Escalante Chiropractic, I was treated with sympathy and very kindly. I always feel like I am with family. I have had great results by seeing Dr. Morales. I like that Dr. Morales believes my pain is real and that she always treats me well.”
Debra M.
Satisfied Patient
I finally had some hope!
“Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!!! I have suffered from migraine headaches most of my life, but the past 2 years have been the worst. I’ve been in and out of my doctor’s office trying this pill and that nasal spray I have even gotten shots. I’ve had to miss work, missed church, and missed out on my children’s sporting events. I’ve basically missed out on my daily living. My migraines had gotten to be daily. I would wake up every night with one. I had never been to chiropractic and was pretty nervous about the whole thing. I was so relieved. I was s grateful to have you say you could fix my neck. I finally had some hope of having a normal life again. I couldn’t believe the relief I gained from the first adjustment that same morning. It was amazing!”