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Posture, Growth and Healthy Emotions

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Your spine is the structural support system of your body. At any age – child, teenager, adult or senior – how your spine supports you can be seen in your posture.

Posture reveals weaknesses that can progressively worsen under the stresses of daily life as you grow and age. Because your structure, spine and nervous system are the lifeline of health and energy to all the vital organs of your body, it is important to pay attention to your posture before pursuing prescription medications or over the counter remedies for physical and emotional health problems or imbalances. Many of these medications have serious side effects and do not get to the cause of the instability affecting you.

Postural distortions may look very slight on the outside or they may be obvious. They can cause rapid degeneration of your metabolism and immune system on the inside or take years to manifest. Both systems are crucial for your overall health and vitality. Falls, car accidents, sports injuries, trauma and even the birth process can accelerate degeneration of the spine, leading to disability and a shorter life span.

People that have spinal injuries or vertebral subluxation may have it and not feel it. Uncorrected, it can cause degenerative changes and nerve interference. Someone with a subluxation may not function as well in everyday life and may not enjoy the same quality of life as people with a healthy structure, spine, and nervous system.

Regardless of the condition of your spine and nervous system today, there is potential within you for better health and happiness tomorrow and as you mature physically and emotionally and as your body heals.

Postural and structural weakness can cause someone to experience chronic or disabling pain, a weakened immune system, lower energy, fatigue, digestive difficulties, less satisfaction with personal relationships, and a shorter life. Dr. Freeman published findings in the Journal of the American Medical Association stating, “Aging in the spinal discs caused postural deviations leading to intestinal diverticula, hemorrhoids, varicosities of the legs, osteoporosis, hip and foot deformities, overall poor quality of health and life and a shortened life span.”

Postural distortions and a weaker spinal structure can have a major effect on a person’s overall strength and health, which can even have an effect on their earning potential when in the workforce. Later, these distortions can cause accelerated aging and may make you feel older than your chronological age because there is interference in nerve supply to your organs, muscles and joints.

A simple Posture Self-Test can determine if you or a loved one, children included, have underlying conditions that can lead to anxiety, chronic pain, disability and accelerated aging. A chiropractic examination and regular adjustments can help relieve pressure on the nervous system so messages delivered to and from the brain can be delivered.

Make your posture a priority. Have your children checked so all of you can enjoy the good health and happiness that comes with living your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle today, tomorrow and for a lifetime.


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