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100 Healthy Days™ Week 12- Financing Your Ideal 100 Year Lifestyle

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Taking responsibility for your health and lifestyle choices is vital to you and your family’s well-being. We love seeing our patients and practice members getting younger and healthier every year as they commit themselves to Chiropractic Lifestyle Care and healthier lifestyle choices. Learn to love the things that are good for you and make them a priority.

Get Excited About the Financial Opportunity of Your 100 Year Lifestyle

Look around and begin to take notice of the resources and experiences you have accumulated and how you can capitalize on them now to create capital for your future.

The Personal Affirmation Creator we refer to is a great exercise to elevate your personal consciousness, find yourself, reinvent yourself and declare your next big thing.

Are you ready to attract more of what you want in your life, work, relationships, and finances? Are you ready to eliminate the struggles?

This is a great exercise in self-awareness and connecting with your personal truths, values, and talents, and deciding how you will choose to be from this day forward.

Listen to our 100YL Podcast, Episode 18, The Personal Affirmation Creator. The Personal Affirmation Creator is a great exercise to elevate your personal consciousness, find yourself, reinvent yourself and declare your next big thing.

You will want to listen to this one a couple of times as there are different stages in this exercise. If you know that you are capable of more, the Personal Affirmation Creator will help you make it happen and bring the best version of yourself to light.

Start Investing in Yourself

Stop wasting money now. If you have not yet implemented these basics, do not procrastinate another second. The more you invest in yourself, the more freedom and choices you will have.

At some stage in your life, you really want to be able to wake up and say, “I want to,” rather than, “I have to”—the creativity that comes out of that is exciting.

But here is the idea that I really want to get across: It is never too late to start! If you begin thinking this way now, you will attract more abundance right away, regardless of your current age.

Fill in your 100 Year Balance Sheet Based On How It Looks Today

Decide how you want it to look in ten years, and list the five immediate action steps that you know you need to take to reach your goals.

Your balance sheet represents a snapshot of your financial position and the income streams you will have for the future. What do you want yours to look like during the different stages of life as you age?

They are not a substitute for your financial planner, accountant, or bookkeeper. In fact, they will make your meetings with your financial team more productive as you gain clarity and commit to the changes necessary to reach your goals. Read more on our article, Your 100 Year Balance Sheet.


Meet with Your Financial Adviser, Accountant, Estate Planner, and Insurance Agent

Review your financial plan and income opportunities, then make the appropriate changes that will help you secure and finance your 100 Year Lifestyle.

Prioritize Your Own Self-Care and Health Care and Invest in Them

Having the money is not nearly as much fun if you don’t have the health to enjoy it. Your minutes are your currency.

They belong to you, and how you spend them will determine the quality of your life going forward. Every minute you spend represents a choice—whether you made it with full awareness or not.

Take charge of your minutes. Read more on our article, Time as Currency.


Check Your Credit Score and Credit Report

Take the appropriate action steps to clean up any errors. Also, if you have credit card debt at an interest rate that was determined years ago or obtained when you may have had a lower credit score than you do now, you may be able to lower that interest rate.

Just call up the credit card company and let them know that you are looking to lower your interest rate. Read more about credit tips in our article, Credit Tips to Increase Cash Flow.

Be a Giver

Think about the purpose you would like to give your money so that a portion of your finances makes a difference in the world. Take an action step and make your next contribution today.

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