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100 Healthy Days™ Week 10- Personal Renewal, Life-Long Learning, and Surround Sound Support

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Taking responsibility for your health and lifestyle choices is vital to you and your family’s well-being. We love seeing our patients and practice members getting younger and healthier every year as they commit themselves to Chiropractic Lifestyle Care and healthier lifestyle choices. Learn to love the things that are good for you and make them a priority.

Support Yourself

Treat yourself the way you would want to be treated. Set an example for others. Apply the Three Life-Changing Principles to change the way you support yourself for an ideal 100 Years.

Commit to your Personal Renewal Recipe

Once you know what works for you, make it a priority. Make these things your Human Potential Pattern and a part of your lifestyle. Define your early-morning renewal, midday renewal, and nighttime renewal. Do not compromise. Another thing you should not compromise on is your nutrition.

Listen to our 100YL Podcast, Episode 22, Food Synergy, and Plant-Based Nutrition For All Seasons.


Give and Receive

Be willing to give the people you love and care about the kind of support that they need, even if it is different from the kind of support you like for yourself. Ask for the ideal support that you need from your life partner.

Establish Surround Sound Support

Expand your support system using the Health Care Hierarchy, multiple circles, and multiple generations. Build your awareness of the support system you desire and the people and resources that are already in your life. Plug the most important relationships into your Quality Time Calendar in the next chapter.

Read more about establishing surround sound support in our article, Surround Sound Support.


Balance Your Support System

If your current support system is great for a crisis but empty for quality of life, joy, knowledge, and health, spend time building and nurturing support in these areas. Embrace multiple generations and multiple circles of people. Step outside your current box. Make the time for the support you deserve.

Listen to our 100YL Podcast, Episode 23, Valuable Longevity Lessons From A 10-Year-Old. This episode, Valuable Longevity Lessons from a 10-year-old will move you and make you a better parent, daughter, son, spouse, and leader. It will move you to make the changes in your life that you know need to be made so that you make the most of every day and do not become a burden as you age.

Decide What You Want To Learn

Buy a book, enroll in a class, or attend a seminar. Make an appointment with an expert. Choose a mentor. Create a long list, since you will have plenty of time to experience it all. Become an expert in an area you are passionate about.

Be The Change We Wish to See in Others

We set the tone of our lives by attracting those who speak the same language. Luckily, we have thousands of languages to choose from, so choose a language that speaks your truth, and Live your ultimate 100 Year Lifestyle!


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